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Cause Marketing Readings Of The Week - April 16

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Cause Marketing Readings Of The Week - April 16
Hereís the best of the best of cause marketing information from the last week:

New Anti-hunger Cause-marketing Effort Targets Moms
A new campaign, Outnumber Hunger, continues a longstanding relationship between General Mills and Feeding America. In the new venture, General Mills will donate up to $1.4 million beyond their initial contribution of $700,000 based upon consumers entering codes from their products at Consumers have the option of directing money to the national network of Feeding America or to local food banks by entering their zip code.

Could you borrow the smartest thing I ever did?
Major donors were ignored. Not a single foundation grant proposal had been written in five years. The organization had memberships with a number of key community organizations, yet hadnít had any contact in years. The businessman who had spearheaded the capital campaign had died and none of the records from that campaign were available to me.

Will Pinterest Work for Your Nonprofit?
Pinterest has emerged as the runaway social media hit of early 2012. You probably knew that already. But did you know the company just has 12 people? Or that 97% of Pinterestís Facebook fans are women?

Looking for Your First Cause Marketing Partner? Try Your Corner Market
A common question I get is how can a local nonprofit land a cause marketing deals with a national chain when the latter will only work with large, national nonprofits. Itís simple: donít target national chains. Instead, target regional, mid-size chains that are more likely to work with a local charity thatís more visible in their service area.

Six Pillars of Effective Cause Marketing Campaigns
They are:
  1. The cause must align with your brand
  2. Finding your voice
  3. The need to be transparent and authentic
  4. Be relevant and intentional
  5. Reach people where they are
  6. Measure success against defined metrics
Examine these critical components

A Creative Case For Cause Marketing
According to studies from Fenton and GlobeScan, non-profit giving is forecast to remain at 2011 levels through 2012. Consequently, according to Stezze, itís time for non-profits to up their game.

Steve Drake is President and Owner of SCD Group Inc., a consulting company focused on strategy, content, cause and discovery. Drake is an award-winning cause marketer passionate about linking associations with nonprofits and for-profits.

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