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Cause Marketing Readings Of The Week - April 30

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Cause Marketing Readings Of The Week - April 30
Herefs the best of the best of cause marketing information from the last week:

Lady Godiva Program
GODIVA Chocolatier has launched what theyfre calling the first gglobal corporate philanthropy efforth called the Lady GODIVA Program. The cause marketing initiative includes a nomination contest and the company has announced Lauren Bush, Co-Founder of FEED Projects, as the first honoree. To kick-off this collaboration, and support Laurenfs charity FEED, GODIVA will sell a GODIVA gFEED 10 tote bag in GODIVA stores and on

Making People Cry Isn't a Good Nonprofit Mobile Strategy
Great post from Joe Waters on levels of emotion. I write a lot about the important role emotion plays in cause marketing. If you don't lead with emotion, you're toast. I also talk a lot about mobile technology, which will be a key driver of cause marketing in the years ahead. But here's the rub: Emotion and smart phones may not be a good mix. That's my conclusion after reading a post by Mediapost's Steve Smith on research by A .K. Pradeep, founder and CEO of Nielsen NeuroFocus, on the connection between brainwave analysis and ad response.

gSolicitingh for Cause Partners
The Good Shepard Foodbank of Maine is not bashful about seeking corporate cause marketing partners: it gsolicitsh them on its website. Does your website do this? Cause Marketing campaigns are the perfect vehicle for for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations to partner around a charitable cause for mutual benefit. By joining Good Shepherd Food Bank in a Cause Marketing campaign, your company will receive positive exposure in the community, while helping the Food Bank fight hunger in Maine.

CAUSE MARKETING THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA: 5 Steps to Successful Online Campaigns
This is a 27-page free eGuide for corporations from Network for Good and Zoetica. This eGuide identifies the key questions your company should ask before initiating a cause marketing campaign and outlines the five steps to success. Recent online social good case studies, in addition to general cause marketing examples, provide recommendations for best practices and lessons learned to inform your next campaign. Further, this guide is summarized in a handy checklist to direct your campaign development. As a nonprofit, this is a good piece to help you understand the companyfs perspective of cause marketing and, perhaps, to share with possible company partners who may want to work with your organization.

An Actionable Marketing Plan for Nonprofits in 8 Sentences If your cause is small, marketing it can be tricky. But marketing legend Jay Conrad Levinson has some ideas for how you can create an easy-to-use marketing plan for even the thinnest budgets. From a post by Paul R. Jones of Alden Keenfs Cause Marketing blog:
  1. The first sentence tells your purpose in marketing. The purpose has to be expressed in ways that are SMART: Sensible, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound.

  2. The second sentence lays out the competitive advantage youfll emphasize. Even if you have multiple competitive advantages you can really only emphasize one.

  3. The third sentence explains who your target audience is. Even if you sell soap, your target market is not the whole world.

  4. The fourth sentence explains what marketing weapons youfll use. Limit the list based on stuff you can afford, you can understand and you can use properly.

Go to the full story for the last four sentences.

Steve Drake is President and Owner of SCD Group Inc., a consulting company focused on strategy, content, cause and discovery. Drake is an award-winning cause marketer passionate about linking associations with nonprofits and for-profits.

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