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"One Day on Earth" -- First Film Ever To Include Footage Filmed In Every Country On Earth On The Same Day

  Posted in Philanthropy on Apr 15, 2012    0 Comments 
"One Day on Earth" -- First Film Ever To Include Footage Filmed In Every Country On Earth On The Same Day
A new feature-length documentary film, the first to include footage filmed in every country on earth captured all on the same day, and created with the help of the United Nations and an international community of filmmakers, is to debut on Earth Day, April 22, 2012 at screenings in more than 160 countries worldwide.

Four years in the making, "One Day on Earth" is a video time capsule of one day 10 October 2010. More than 19,000 filmmakers, both professional and novice, contributed 3,000 hours of footage. The project, headed by Founder/Director Kyle Ruddick and Co-founder/Executive Producer Brandon Litman, donated video cameras to more than 95 UN country offices, which resulted in unusually intimate access to remote places including Papua New Guinea and South Sudan.

Featuring music by Paul Simon, Fela Kuti, Sigur Ros, and others, the film captures a dazzling array of human experiences, from the birth of a newborn in Mongolia to a clock collector in Rio De Janeiro's favelas. The film fluidly shows how crises confronting the world from water shortage to poverty connects us all, and offers rarely seen images from life in North Korea, Iran, and Kosovo.

ODOE has utilized Tugg, a web-platform that enables individuals to choose the films that play in their local theaters. The film has been financed by sources including significant support from the Ford Foundation's JustFilms initiative.

On April 22, the film will screen for free in more than 160 countries. For a full list:

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