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New Survey Reveals The Most Effective Online Marketing Tools And Strategies For Small Businesses And Nonprofits

  Posted in Marketing on Apr 30, 2012    0 Comments 
New Survey Reveals The Most Effective Online Marketing Tools And Strategies For Small Businesses And Nonprofits
A new survey report, Ditch Digital Dabbling: How Small Businesses and Nonprofits Can Master Online Marketing, revealed the "magic number" of hours required to make social media marketing a success. According to the report, it takes a minimum of 25 hours per week to see worthwhile results from social media efforts insight that has long eluded small businesses and nonprofits struggling to find the right market mix in today's digital economy. Now available at, the report aggregates responses from small businesses and nonprofits in many sectors including women-owned, minority-owned, and socially responsible.

A joint research project by Message Medium and Ventureneer, the Ditch Digital Dabbling survey definitively outlines the online marketing tactics that work best and highlights new revelations, including the fact that "Power Users" rate only 5 social media tools as very effective.

"While many small businesses and nonprofits market online, very few have a firm grasp of the strategies, tactics, and tools to do it well in spite of the overload of how-to information," explained Message Medium president Maisha Walker. "Rather than adding to the noise, we wanted to share real-world insights and success stories, gleaned from their peers who were facing similar challenges."

By showing which online marketing and social media strategies have and haven't worked, the survey results act as a research-driven road-map to saving small businesses time and money when putting together their own marketing plans.

"The survey confirms that you can't get the best results from online marketing programs unless you know how to effectively measure whether you're achieving your goals or not," commented Ventureneer president Geri Stengel. "While we found that a majority of companies attempt to measure performance, they don't understand what actually works. The concept of trying, measuring, and tweaking -- almost in real time -- is new, but it's as critical to effectiveness as is time spent."

The Ditch Digital Dabbling Executive Summary is available for free download, in addition to the comprehensive report with in-depth case studies, detailed survey figures, and more, visit

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