Nonprofit organizations are vital to strengthening the community as a whole and they can not accomplish their objectives without the help of volunteers. Volunteers of all ages possess skills, talent and fresh ideas that are necessary to nonprofit organizations.
Why Should I get Involved?
By contributing to a meaningful cause, you can make a difference and improve the welfare of the community. In addition to the satisfaction derived from helping Not For Profit organizations accomplish objectives, volunteers develop useful skills, gain valuable experience and build their network of professional and social contacts.
Who Can Volunteer?
Volunteer opportunities exist for every age, skill level and interest. Within our listings you will find opportunities to work with children, youth or senior citizens, help the homeless or disabled, work in an administrative capacity or put yourself on the front line of a disaster cleanup. Whether you are looking for an assignment that takes place outdoors or you prefer an indoor setting, volunteer opportunities are available.
Ways To Volunteer
There are many different ways to get involved, from one-day, fundraising events to assignments that are ongoing. You choose the level of commitment that's right for you. There are even opportunities for those interested in "virtual volunteering."
St. Louis Volunteer Opportunities
The 501Connect volunteer opportunities directory lists current opportunities in the St. Louis area. Most organizations always welcome new volunteers, but the volunteer opportunity listings contain organizations with immediate needs to fill. Search the listings by interest area, job title, city or organization name.

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